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Spring flowers, natural arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Characteristic for this years spring trend is the way we present natural materials and how we look towards nature in general. We tend to create small presentations of plants, flowers and other materials that have a special meaning for us. As if we create small alters.

Step 1

Select a nice bowl shaped dish and fill it completely with floral foam that is soaked in water that is enriched with Chrysal flower food. Try to fill up the dish completely to the edge.

Step 2

Place the shrub materials in circle shape that is not completely closed.

Step 3

The opening on one side will create a secluded space, here by creating an intimate atmosphere. Remove a large portion of leafs of the Fritillaria to ensure a transparent effect.

Step 4

Divide the longer and larger flowers first and let them bend inwards a bit to emphasise that secluded effect.

Step 5

Use smaller more delicate flowers more in the lower parts,

Step 6

Try create a natural garden look, as if the flowers are growing upwards in between the branches.

Step 7

Use delicate mixed flowers that could have been plucked from a garden.


Instead of the candle a beautiful shell or crystal could also have been used as a vocal/centre point.

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