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Autumn flowers table decoration

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Combining and processing small vases to a total composition is still a fast but effective way to achieve a striking arrangement.

Step 1

Select the vases on mod, color and shape. Provide tension by using different material types. This particular selection consists of a softer tone on tone combination with some Metallica’s for a luxurious effect.

Step 2

Fill the vases with water to which cut flower food has been added.

Step 3

Remove excess leaves of the chrysanthemums. Split the short to use stems of the main stem and also remove all excess leaves from these parts. Make sure no leafs will be in the water.

Step 4

Fill up wider jars with short compact groups of chrysanthemums and berries or only chrysanthemums.

Step 5

Start with the tallest and longest materials This makes it easier to determine the balance within the composition and the rest can be filled in.

Step 6

Keep the overall look transparent and airy. Here by trying to show of the individual beauty of each product. Cut all materials carefully diagonally before they are put in the vase.


The warm glowing colors of the flowers combine beautifully with the soft pastel tones of the vases. The addition of gold and copper gives it a contemporary look.

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