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Natural Christmas arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

For me, Christmas means spending time with family and friends. This design clearly translates this warm, secluded feeling that Christmas inspires me with; the rich and warm colours fully support this atmosphere.

Step 1

Fill a large low bowl completely with oasis which has been drenched in water to which flower nutrient was added.

Step 2

Place various sorts of sticks, of approximately the same size, against the edge of the bowl in a circle which is not completely closed. As the sticks are not precisely placed against the edge of the bowl, they remain nicely visible and form a clear part of the arrangement.

Step 3

Bend some artificial berries into the row of sticks. Process these artificial materials as naturally as possible, so that they are aligned with the other natural materials used.

Step 4

Stick the rose-hips, Anigosanthus and spray roses between the branches; see to the natural atmosphere of the whole. Therefore the materials need not be processed at exactly the same height.

Step 5

Fill the space between the stems with burgundy coloured Skimmia flowers. By using this dark shade low in the arrangement, the whole retains it light and transparent look.

Step 6

Use a glue pistol to fix some larger artificial flowers between the sticks. Place these flowers high, so that the transparency is retained.

Step 7

Fill the inner side of the ring with baubles of various colours and sizes; it is also advisable to use various types of finishings; mat as well as glossy.

Step 8

Finish off the outer edge with tuffs of green moss which are processed evenly and clean. After the moss has been applied, no brown parts or root parts should remain visible. If clamps are used they should not be visible either.


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