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Avalanche roses table decoration

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A fresh bowl decoration of which the aluminum thread frame can be used throughout the entire year. Easy to make but with a big bang effect! Rosa Sweet Avalanche from Meijer Roses, Ceramic dish turqoise from Alflora Aalsmeer

Step 1

Using crude ‘meshes’, twist the aluminum thread into itself. 
Do not make the loops to small, so that there is enough space left to put the flowers trough.

Step 2

Make one strand at least twice the circumference of the bowl. Put the bowl over the top of the bowl and attach it to each other.

Step 3

Put the rest of the strand sideways to the ring that has just been created. At different spots, connect the strands together by bending the aluminum thread at certain places.

Step 4

Clamp the home-made wreath of aluminum wire around the edge of the bowl so the construction will not be able to move. Pull a couple of pieces of flexigras through the frame; divide them loosely and breezily so the effect of the frame is only strengthened.

Step 5

Put a couple of roses straight up in the frame work, divide them around the wreath of aluminum wire, but make sure it is not to evenly. The uneven effect namely nicely suits the vibe of the wreath and enhances the natural effect. Also, carefully braid a couple of French tulips trough the framework. In order to heighten the flexibility of the stems, it is useful to remove the flowers from the water a day before using them.

Step 6

Divide the ranunculus flowers along the arrangement, keeping in mind that the finished product should seem loose, natural and unstrained.

Step 7

Divide the sweet pea flowers amongst the whole, but be careful when incorporating these delicate flowers.

Step 8

Take of the leaves of the blue grape flowers and incorporate them loosely and jumpy amongst the already used materials.


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