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Modern Christmas arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

In this floating tree design I have used round bubbles in combination with graphical shaped decorations. These contrasts make the arrangement interesting and attractive.

Step 1

Use an elegant shaped frame as a base for your design. The idea is to wind copper colored wire around the frame in a graphical pattern. Essential will be the same distances between the wires, there for I use a small stick as scale.

Step 2

Continue in such an order that equally shaped diamond shapes will be made with the copper wire.

Step 3

By gluing a small piece of ribbon around the neck of the bubble you make it easier on your self to twist a wire around it for hanging the bubble.

Step 4

Hang the graphically shaped bubbles on the copper wires, select bubbles that can be filled with water.

Step 5

Also attach the round bubble on the wires and create a cone shape out of them. So more bubbles on the bottom and gradually less to the top.

Step 6

Add the Anigozanthos flowers, but make sure that you stay within the tree shape.

Step 7

Add the leafs of the Heuchera, this is a garden plant with beautiful decorative leafs.

Step 8

Add the larger flowers of the Vanda and rose, use these compact on top of the bubble otherwise they will easily tip over.


The result is a fragile (feminine) looking floating design with clear harder shapes and darker colours to it. Experiment with different background colours and you will see that these also have a large influence on your arrangement.

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