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Table decoration summer flowers

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The fascination with nature and natural materials is a trend that has been going on for some time, but is not over yet. Materials such as stone, concrete and wood are widely used by designers at home and abroad. In Thijs his this table arrangement he shows that this subject can be a perfect source of inspiration for your floral designs.

Step 1

Take a fair amount of bark; this type of material can be bought at various wholesalers.

Step 2

Bind the bark together with a thick twine.

Step 3

Insert a fair amount of test tubes between the holes in the bark bundle. Fill the tubes with water that is enriched with flower food.

Step 4

Cut the stem of the Polygonum on a variety of length and insert these also in the open spaces in between the bundle of bark.

Step 5

Remove as much as possible leafs from the flowers that you are using, this will give the arrangement an airy and transparent look and feel.

Step 6

Remove the thin brown membranes of the allium flowers, this to strengthen the fresh and crisp colour combination.

Step 7

Use our flowers with short and longer stem, this will ultimately result in a rich and flowery effect.


The result is an eye-catching arrangement where the individual aspect of the used flowers is still clearly visible and to be enjoyed.

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