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Spring plant arrangement


After winter the ground cracks and bulbs and spring plants show their beauty. This thought inspired me to use the clay in this spring arrangement as metaphor of the soil that opens up to let the spring rise up.

Step 1

Select a low but wide dish that will have enough space to hold a large nr of plants. If it is to deep you can fill It up with styrophoam, soil or other filling materials.

Step 2

Cover the filler with plastic and create a large crack by filling up two sides with floral foam. For a more texture in the final result I use the foam in different heights.

Step 3

Take the bulbs and plants out of their plastic pots and split them in smaller portions, by doing this your result will be more refined and delicate in texture.

Step 4

Place tall materials next to short plants to get that vegetative look.

Step 5

Add fresh cushion moss in small natural groups to the dish. Cover the spaces that are still uncovered with slices of soft clay. Add with your fingers or a tool a bit of texture to the clay.

Step 6

For some sturdiness and texture as well I have added a few Magnolia branches.


This dish will be beautiful on a garden table, but can of course also be placed indoors. Make sure you water the plants on a regular base, especially when you have them indoors.

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