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Red & white Christmas tree

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The use of wood in combination with red and white shades creates a clear Scandinavian look. Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity and well balanced designs. These elements clearly feature in the processing of the materials and in the way the flowers have been processed.

Step 1

Use a cordless drill to turn a screw through the base. Use this screw to fix the main stem firmly onto the base. Be sure that this attachment is able to support the full construction. If necessary, various screws can be used.

Step 2

Start at the base of the construction and attach two separate sticks/bark strips to the head main stem. This attachment can best be made of silver coloured iron wire.

Step 3

Attach another two sticks onto the first two sticks. This second layer is processed crosswise over the first layer. Also attach these sticks with silver coloured iron wire. The length of these two layers is a bit broader than the base.

Step 4

Place a second layer of 4 sticks somewhat higher up onto the main stem. These sticks are noticeably shorter than those of the first layer. When proceeding with this principle this will create a clear tree shape. While using as little silver wire as possible the attachments will be firmer and look neat.

Step 5

Cut the attachments from the baubles and enlarge the openings. Adjust the size of these openings to the thickness of the stems.

Step 6

Use a glue pistol to fix the baubles onto the base. See to it that the openings are turned upwards. Attach various glass tubes onto the main stem, these are also attached with silver wire.

Step 7

Divide the Ilex branches evenly over the structure, but see to it that the shape of the tree remains the leading shape. Not all tubes and baubles need to be filled.

Step 8

Divide the Gloriosa flowers over the whole and also keep the shape of the tree in mind when doing so.

Step 9

Divide the Minicymbidium into smaller parts. Mind the length of the stem; the length has to be sufficient so that it can be inserted deeply into the tube.


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