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Romantic and feminine biedermeier

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A romantic and feminine table decoration made in this years colours from Pantone, soft pastel blue named Serenity and pale pink named rose quartz.

Step 1

Cut the blue coloured birch branches in smaller pieces.

Step 2

Stick these in a floral foam base that is soaked with water that is enriched with floral food. Create a round shaped base, the height is not half domed but slightly flattened.

Step 3

The spiky ends of the birch will contrast nicely with the softer and rounder shapes of the flowers.

Step 4

Divide the flowers over the total arrangement; process the flowers per variety to ensure a nice and even dividing.

Step 5

Be careful with the softer stems of the ranunculus and tulips, if it is hard to insert these in the floral foam. You can always make a small insertion with a slightly thinner stem and than put in the softer and thicker stem of the tulip or ranunculus.

Step 6

As an accent a few Muscari flowers are added with their long stem trailing over the arrangement. They are secured with a small wire.


Olga’s choice idea was to create a romantic arrangement with a twist. By flattening the biedermeier arrangement a more modern looking arrangement is created. The reflection of the silver dish gives the arrangement an extra dimension.

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