Modern arrangement with spring flowers

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A hip and fresh combination of different sorts of flowers in various sizes of cylinder shaped vases. Easy to create, but with a grand effect.

Step 1

From both pieces of felt, cut a large part. I chose to use pastel shades, because this nicely suits the spring flowers and branches that are used.

Step 2

Cut the two strands in the length at the same time and divide the strands into 3 strands, each about 5 cm. long.

Step 3

Use 1 type of flower per vase. To support this flower, an extra material can be used. Possibilities include grasses and branches. Put two strands of felt on top of each other and wrap 1 sweet pea flower stem in it. Continue rolling and put another sweet pea stem in it.

Step 4

Try to divide the stems as evenly as possible amongst the roll of felt. Now and again, check to see if the roll is big enough to stick in the glass cylinder. Fill the vase with water and place the roll of felt in the vase, when it comes to the design it looks prettier when the roll of felt is placed just a bit below the edge of the vase.

Step 5

Remove all the leaves from the daffodils. Leave as much of the white part on the stems as possible, as this is a part of the flower bulb and can still supply the flower with its necessary foods. Cut a bundle of steelgrass in half and put this down, ready to be incorporated.

Step 6

Again, take two pieces of felt and wrap a sweet pea flower in the felt. Alternate between the flowers and some parts of steelgrass and again, make sure that there is an even division of the materials.

Step 7

Continue until the roll of felt and flowers has reached the right circumference to be stuck in the vase.

Step 8

Place straight up in the vase and arrange the flowers in such a way that they are facing outwards a bit more, making them more clearly visible. Use different flowers and combine the diverse loose vases to form the finished product.


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