Flower arrangements in creative bases

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Piling and stacking is in important element within this trend. You can literally do this by stacking different shaped vases, dishes or pots to create a new form that complements your design. By using your flowers in a layered or piled up order you also create a form of stacking or piling. This composition is an assembly of 3 different shaped arrangements that do form a harmonies ensemble.

Step 1

Choose flowers that look like as if they are assembled or not naturally put together. An Anthurium is a good example, the middle ear in combination with the shiny leaf almost looks artificial.

Use them in different levels to add that stacked effect, use playful colours together for a bright and vivid summer effect.

Step 2

The second arrangement is build up around the pink green coloured chrysanthemums. These look as if they are hand coloured.

The gloriosa flowers pop out of the arrangement showing their eye-catching form to their best.