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Table decoration with a paper base

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A surprising decoration, with the use of paper as a base. With this technic you can make great arrangement with a natural look and feel.

Step 1

Fold the handmade paper in equal parts.

Step 2

Tear the papers on the folding line and crumple it to create a beautiful and natural appearance.

Step 3

Fill a container with floral foam onto the top.

Step 4

Make little hooks on one of the edges of 8 gauge wires and cover it with floral tape, this will prevent that the wire get out from the foam.

Step 5

Insert the 8 wires in the both sides of your container.

Step 6

Stick a cellophane in the wires to prevent the moisture from the foam leaking on the paper.

Step 7

Stick the strips of paper in the both sides of the container until you get the desire height on your structure.

Step 8

Fold the edges of the wires to prevent the strips get out from the structure and cover it by glueing one strip over the mechanic.

Step 9

Insert the biggest flowers in the container. When you put the biggest flower first then you will have enough space to put it in the arrangement.

Step 10

Mix all your flowers and colors so you can get a beautiful and fresh effect.

Step 11

Put in some fresh and transparent folliage as adianthum to get a wilder appearance.

Step 12

At last paste some lunaria to create a shiny effect when the light get in the design.


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