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Table decoration orchids & roses

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A surprising table decoration, which simultaneously incorporates influences from nature and displays graphical lines that give it an industrial appearance. The base is easy to create and can be adapted for other uses.

Step 1

Take into account the size you want the table decoration to be; use a correspondingly large stem of birch and drill holes along the entire length. Completely penetrate the stem, and repeat this over different angles.

Step 2

Place sticks of bamboo through the holes; these ought to be of same size as the holes.

Step 3

Tie the ends of the bamboo sticks together with semi elastic wire.

Step 4

The wire should have an additional winding for each stick to prevent it from shifting. Distribute the wire evenly over the sticks and stem.

Step 5

Stick handmade paper to glass spheres with wallpaper glue. At Geertje this paper can be ordered –

Step 6

Attach the spheres to the construction; do this evenly over the stem to enforce the geometric pattern. Simply use a silver coloured wire to execute this step.

Step 7

In the same manner, disperse the flowers over the bouquet. Keep long parts of the stems connected to the flowers, whenever possible. This gives the arrangement a loose and elegant appearance.


Place the Phalaenopsis flowers on top of the other materials; a lush and organic composition is thereby guaranteed.

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