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Vase arrangement with copper accents

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Directly inserting the flowers in a vase and working from this set up allows you to avoid a hand-bound technique. Thus surprising shapes and combinations can be created.

Step 1

Use a spray can to dye the pear tree branches in a black hue. Full coverage is not required; here and there some of the original green colour may shine through. Now place the branches in the vase and, where required, attach them to one another.

Step 2

Add accents by attachment of copper painted branches to the pear wood.

Step 3

Now we start with the flowers. First insert the large Chrysants; Make sure there is a balanced distribution.

Step 4

The smaller flower types are next. Aim to create a sense of depth through a layered makeup.

Step 5

Take special care with the Chrysants during this process, since these flowers are delicate and are damaged easily.

Step 6

Place the flowers short and directly on the edge of the vase to have them neatly match the vase. This way a unity is created between flowers and vase.


Within the Dutch floristry the contemporary trend is a more loose and less structured organic style. This elevates the arrangement from an ordinary bouquet to an exciting part of the furniture, characterized by awe inspiring combinations and shapes. This wintery bouquet delivers a lush taste of this trend.

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