Modern plant arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

To create a fashionable and trendy look it will be the challenge to create now shapes out of existing forms, materials and colours. Try to forget your common combining pattern and try to force yourself to try new variations. It keeps me aware of the fact that there are always so many more combination possibilities that you first might think of…. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and grow as a designer.

Step 1

Remove all the leaf’s of the Cyclamen, this will let the flowers stand out so much more.

Make sure the soil is drained enough before you use the plants.

Step 2

In a shallow dish I placed a frame that later on will hold a larger pot and plant.

In the dish I plant Cyclamen, Carex and place cushion moss in between. Creating a natural looking landscape.

Step 3

In most compositions I would have used the finer more delicate materials more out wards, but this time I reversed that by using the smaller and finer shaped plant at the base of the arrangement and the larger plant more outwards.

Step 4

In a nicely shaped pot the main plant is planted.

Step 5

To freshen up the look you can carefully spray it with leaf shine.

Don’t overdo this, you just want to touch it up a bit.


When plants are displayed in a less obvious way they will look hipper, more fashionable and definitely draw the attention.Use patterned fabric or wall paper, perforated steel and bold colours in your displays to catch the right look. For more material, pattern and colour information visit the trend section at

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