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Lush rich plant arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The interest in plants has not stopped yet it only seems to grow… so it wasn’t hard to decide to do a winter trend plant arrangement too. To create that lush rich feeling with plants I selected flowering varieties, plants with coloured leaf and beautiful patterns like the Anthurium Christalinum.

Step 1

To emphasise the flowers of the Saintpaulia I remove all leafs of the plant. Try it once and you will see that it has a great effect. It also in my opinion shows you better the beauty of the flower.

Step 2

Fill one of the selected pots with soil and plant your selected plants in it. A bit of metallic (cupper) adds to the richness of the combination, The deep purple/red colour of the plate and a few other pots has a rich touch.

Step 3

The size of the Anthurium plant is a bit to big to put in a pot combined with other plants, there for separated the in to smaller portions. This smaller group of plants also has a refiner effect on the total composition.

Step 4

Make different combinations between the plants with the coloured leafs and the flowering plants, create height differences and pay attention to the structure of the leafs.

Step 5

The overall look is friendly and colourful the Anthurium is a nice edgy touch that prevents it from becoming to romantic.

Step 6

Use a matching coloured plate to present the pots on and around. This unifies the individual pots to one composition.


This idea works also perfect in a shop. You can show different plants in different pots as long as there is a link in shape colour or mood it will form a total setting. People can relate to this and might be easier to persuade to buy two or more plants in a pot.

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