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Rich, lush Christmas flowers

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This year’s winter trend is rich, lush and overwhelming. Focus on round full and fluffy flowers when you select your flowers. Work with expressive colour combinations as rich as a masterpiece painting. All together you will create a baroque and luxurious feeling that fits perfect with for the Christmas season.

Step 1

Select a vase with an opening that is large enough to hold a large quantity of stem. I went for a warm amber colour that underlines the richness of the flower combination. Clean the vase with professional cleaner of Chrysal and fill the vase with water that is enriched with Chrysal clear. (juiste merknaam noemen??) I have used a few cupper branches as a frame to make it easier to position my flowers.

Step 2

My idea is to create a low but wide bouquet to express an overflow of flowers. This means that I will need to place flowers long and overhanging to the outside and shorter in the centre going up. Cut all your flowers with a sharp knife making a clean fresh diagonal cut. Place the freshly cut flowers direct in your vase.

Step 3

Create tension and dynamic within the composition by creating dramatic differences in length and by placing contrasting colours of flowers next to each other. For example the carnation combined with the hydrangea.

Step 4

The usage of a few exotic flowers makes the combination richer and less predictable. A few small flowered materials will give a touch of finesse to your arrangement and will make it look more refined.


Have a look at our colour chart to get a clear understanding of the preferred colours it is not my intention to create an arrangement inspired on a floral still life painting but much more to create a feeling of luxury and richness.

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