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Natural bouquet with a frame

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

You can create a contemporary design when you are able to anticipate on trends and changes within the interior design industry.

Step 1

Form a ring out of wood veneer that consists of two layers of veneer that are attached to each other. Cut a few extra parts of veneers which are just slightly larger than half the diameter of the ring made.

Step 2

Clamp these parts between the double layers of the created ring.

Step 3

Secure a few intersections with binding wire. By using a weaving technique a solid basket shape will be created, there for it is not necessary to secure all the intersections.

Step 4

Remove all leafs from the materials that will be used. In this bouquet transparency is important, by removing all leafs an airy effect will be created.

Step 5

Start with the flowers of the Aralia; Weave them through the basket shape here by securing them at the required position.

Step 6

Work with clear and distinct differences in height. This emphasizes the transparent effect.

Step 7

The natural effect of the bouquet is made clearer by using grasses and finer flowers in the top of the bouquet.


The result is a hand tied bouquet with a distinct design where trendy detailing is used to create an eye-catching effect. Here by showing that you are clearly aware of the current trends in interior design.

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