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funny flower arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

These vegetarian Dino's are dangerously bright. We had so much fun making these vases!! And we really think this could be something that can be sold easily to kids or as a gift for kids… a new way to let hem get used to flowers.

Step 1

I found these rubber hand puppets in a wholesale centre in Holland. You can easily slid these over a standard cylinder vase a your almost ready to create a first class showstopper.

Step 2

Make an insertion in the mouth of the dino. The vase was already filled with water and Chrysal flower food.

Step 3

Position the flowers and berries as if they are being eaten by the dino.

Step 4

Do a variation of dino’s in different sized vases all made up in a different combination. Now people can choose their own favourite or make a selection of a few.


Use large leaf shapes in unnatural colours for a hip and trendy look. Dare to use patterns and colours that might clash a bit.

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