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Bridal bouquet pastel colors

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Soft pastel colours in a combination of refined flowers. Everything a bride asks for.

Step 1

Remove the lower branches and leaves of the chrysanthemums.

Step 2

Make small tufts of the lower stems and place on a wire. The easiest way is to use a 0.7 wire that is bent into a U shape. One leg of the U is twisted around the stems, and the other leg. Finish of with caoutchouk.

Step 3

Also remove excess leaves from the other materials that you are using.

Step 4

Start with a large sprayed out product as a spray rose; this has the necessary volume to hold the first products to be processed in place.

Step 5

Divide your materials in an even manner over the bouquet, taking into account the colour and shape of the flowers you are using. Create small differences to create a natural effect. By occasionally letting out a bud or leaf from the round shape of the bouquet the natural effect is strengthened.

Step 6

When a nice round biedermeier shape has arisen, the steal can be bound together. Do this at two positions; one at the vocal point and one at the bottom of the steal, this increases the wearing comfort for a bride.

Step 7

Make a large bow from various kinds of matching colours and Secure with a solid wire, which can be inserted in the bouquet.

Step 8

Wrap the stem of the bouquet with caoutchouk; This prevents the ribbon from slipping and getting dirty the ribbon from sliding.

Step 9

Start wrapping the stem with ribbon from the bottom side of the stem. Secure the ribbon at the beginning with a small pin, do the same at the end when you’ve reached the vocal point of your bouquet.


The small delicate flower shapes and the soft pastel colours give this classic bouquet a romantic character.

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