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colorful hand-tied bouquet

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

We are convinced that the surprising and unusual element should be subtle and recognizable. In this nearly round hand tide biedermeier bouquet the choice of flowers in combination with the coloured strips of wood give an airy and loose but still dynamic effect. Surprising and striking but still within a recognizable shape.

Step 1

Remove the leaves and thorns of two-third of the rose stem.

Step 2

Remove most of the Peonies leaves To ensure the sustainability of the Viburnum it is wise to carefully remove most of the leafs.

Step 3

Take some different coloured strips in your hand and form a loose looped frame. In between this frame you insert a few different flowers.

Step 4

Repeat this technique but try to create an overall round and even shape.

Step 5

Use a sheaf bound technique that abeles you to still insert flowers at a later stage in to the bouquet.

Step 6

Create a natural and airy effect by using the flowers at different length. The spaces in between the flowers are partly filled with the coloured strips of wood.


Use mainly poppy flowers on the outside of the bouquet, the steal harmonize beautifully with the coloured loops of the wood strips.

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