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Frame bouquet summer flowers

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A large variety of shapes and techniques can be applied for the design of a bouquet frame. Thijs shows us how stips of wood veneer can be shaped in a remarkable fashion. This frame will service as the base of a bouquet.

Step 1

Wetting the veneer on forehand makes it much more easy to bend the veneer. Roll the veneer into a circle and fix it with clothespins. Place this construction into a water container.

Step 2

After the water bath, use a glue gun to create a conical shape. The clothespins can be attached on placed where the cone structure is glued together to enhance the drying process.

Step 3

This allows you to work faster without fears that the construction falls apart.

Step 4

When the shape is finished, die the cone with a bright accent of wallpaint. This dries fast and is available in a large amount of colours.

Step 5

Glue 3 or 4 bamboo sticks to the frame, again using hot glue from the glue gun.

Step 6

Clean all flowers u want to use; the leave material is redundant in this design.

Step 7

Distribute the flowers over multiple levels of height.

Step 8

Restrain on the use of compact/voluminous flowers since these will obstruct the view on the carefully constructed frame.


This type of frame is suitable through the entire year; you might want to try a different variety with shorter flowers, or, in winter, place some artificial snow against the framework instead of wall paint.

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