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Bridal bouquet modern & refined

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Karin Pasman is the winner of the Wim Hazelaar trophy 2016. This Tutorial is one of the prices that are given to the winner of this competition. The organisation and Bloomtube think it is important to give the winner a platform to expose their creativity and knowledge. Karin is a teacher and innovative florist who loves to join competitions in order to improve her skills and show her endless creativity.

Step 1

Karin transforms a standard bridy holder in a creative base for a biedermeier bouquet with a clear modern and personal twist. First she takes out the floral foam and drills holes in the holder.

Step 2

Through these holes wires are inserted and the floral foam is placed back in the holder with the cover over it, to keep it in position.

Step 3

The outer ends of the wires are connected with each other in such a way that they form a ring around the holder. The distance between the ring and the holder shout be the same at all positions.

Step 4

Karin extends the stem of the holder to make the shape of the holder more elegant. You do this by taping a few stub wires against the handle of the holder.

Step 5

Cover with paper tape and ribbon and secure at the top with a bit of glue.

Step 6

Use stems of lily grass and weave these around the ring. Continue doing this until a nice full collar of grass is created.

Step 7

Cover the last bits of the plastic holder with Stachys leaves. These are easily attached to the holder when you use cold glue.

Step 8

Fill the floral foam with a compact dome of Craspedia flowers with small fluffs of dianthus flowers in between. Texture is important for these combinations as well as working detailed and refined.

Step 9

Make strings of Hypericum berries and Gomphrena flowers; these materials will be ok even without water. Drape the string(s) lose and airy over the core of Craspedia and secure in several positions to make sure it wont come of.

Step 10

Insert the loose Nerine flowers in between the Craspedia and in the floral foam. The small Gerbera petals are glued to the wires for a playful detail and loose effect.


This bouquet stands out because of the warm bright colours and the modern interpretation of a classic shape. The eye for details and a well balanced colour coordination add to the high level of floristry Karin is showing us.

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