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Bridal bouquet, wiring technique

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

An unusually shaped bouquet, in which Calla lilies play the starring role. 
By incorporating the flowers in an almost graphical way, a flowery fan-shape emerges.

Step 1

Create small bundles of grape hyacinths and put these on wire. You do this by creating a U-shaped pin from stubwire, of which one end is longer than the other. Place the U sideways to the bundle of grape hyacinths. Wrap the longer wire around the bundle of stems, as well as around the short end of the wire.

Step 2

Take a few sprigs of thyme and put these on wire as well; this can be done using the same technique as we just used for the grape hyacinth.

Step 3

Put the 4 Calla lilies on a wire. Stick a firm wire perpendicularly through the bottom of the flower, leaving a couple of centimeters on the other side and bend both parts down at the same, parallel to each other. Wrap the stem of the Calla lilies as well as the short part of the wire with the long part. Wrap with paper tape to prevent breaking of the stem.

Step 4

Lay two Calla lilies next to each other and wrap the wires, creating a stem. Put a next flower against it and wrap the wire around the home-made stem. Do the same using the fourth flower. Place the flowers in a neat row with the points of the flowers pointing outwards.

Step 5

Put a rose on wire by sticking a piece of wire in the bottom of the flower, after which you wrap the wire around the stem of the rose. Place a rose on both sides of the Calla lilies. Between the rose and the Calla lilies, put a few twigs of thyme, in the same line as that of the Calla lilies. This will enhance the fan shape of the bouquet.

Step 6

Take the petals of off the Boat orchids. Put a bit of cold glue on the bottom and leaves this to dry for a minute to strengthen the suture of the glue.

Step 7

Stick the petals on the bouquet at different places.

Step 8

Do the same with the Hyacinths and Grape hyacinths. Cut the Jatropha flowers short and stick these in to the bouquet as well. Use these materials to fill the open space between the Calla lilies and the rose. Make sure that in the end there is no wire or paper tape visible any more.

Step 9

Put a few Wandflower leaves on wire. Take a firm piece of wire and stick it through the leaf, halfway the midrib and push it through for a couple of centimeters. Bend both the long and short wires in line of the stems and wrap the stems and the short wire with the long wire. Put the leaf against the bottom of the bouquet and wrap the wire around the stem.

Step 10

The wrapping of the stem needs to be done using regular strokes, to create a beautiful thin and straight wrapping of wires that will later on function as the handle of the bouquet.

Step 11

Cut off the stem at the desired length and wrap using paper tape. Finish it all off with a matching color of ribbon. Start the wrapping of the ribbon at the bottom of the stem. Make sure it is tightly wrapped around the stem to make sure it won’t let go throughout the day. Fix it with a pin at the bottom and make sure that there is no more wire of paper tape visible any more.


The final effect is a refined bouquet in which fragile lines beautifully go together with clear flower shapes.

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