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Stylish Christmas table decoration

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

We will help you to make your table cover extra inspiring for the celebratory December month, full of diner parties with friends and family.

Step 1

Place an Oasis cube in a bucket filled with water enriched with flower nutrients. When the cube is saturated with water, remove it from the bucket and cut it up in smaller cubes.

Step 2

Drape the cubes with cushion moss; attach this with multiple clamps. Leave a small space on the top side open; flowers will be inserted here.

Step 3

From a bundle of thread create branch shapes. To do this, first wrap the entire bundle of thread with copper wire. After 2 or 3 centimeters, split the main bundle into 2 or 3 smaller parts. These again, are partly encircled with copper wire. Repeat the former steps to create even smaller branches of wired thread. After finishing, bend the entirety into an organic shape.

Step 4

Place the moss/foam heaps on pretty plates in order to create a multitude of small moss islands. On each heap of moss, insert one large flower.

Step 5

Enrich every moss islands with smaller flower varieties and combine this with 1 copper coloured branch per heap.

Step 6

Place the glass bells cautiously over the flowers. The coppery branches enable the space under the domes to remain well ventilated. Mind the bells are not placed directly on top of the moss, for then condense will fully block the view on the interior.

Step 7

For that especially rich table decoration, fill up some of the bells with short and compact flowers. Process one flashy accent flower to enhance the feeling of enchantment.

Step 8

Distribute the plates and vases over the centre of the table; mind that all bells are placed straight on top of the moss islands.


The design of this fashionable glassware, available at PTMD, gives a final touch to the fairylike sphere through the misty spots that emerge on the tops. The end result is undeniable: a near-royal table decoration.

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