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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

For this this arrangement I used star spheres from Pols Potten as a base for my design. These sphere are super decorative but also great to use as a base for a table design. They are expressive, luxurious looking and easy to use…. All together the perfect material for a winter/Christmas table decoration.

Step 1

The combination of several metallic colour tones is becoming more and more popular. I did this as well by selecting a cupper plate in combination with the golden star spheres. For my container I selected a neutral glass shallow dish, cleaned it with Chrysal professional cleaner and filled it with water that is enriched with flower food.

Step 2

The structure of the spheres creates a lot of support to place my flowers in-between. Place them in carefully so the ends of the star shape do not damage the flower. Make sure that the stem are deep enough in the water.

Step 3

Create tension and dynamic within the composition by creating dramatic differences in length and by placing contrasting colours of flowers next to each other. For example the carnation combined with the hydrangea.

Step 4

Try to create a distinct line in the arrangement with fluent and gentle curves that follow the shape of the spheres. Think in 3d dimensions to create a tension in your design. Also in this arrangement I have selected full and voluptuous flowers that give a rich effect.

Step 5

The Symphoricarpus is bend carefully in-between the spikes of the spheres here by following the round and curvy lines of the spheres.

Step 6

Add the larger more dominant flowers as last, because of their big impact it is important to place these precise and secure in the right position.


Try to see the possibilities of these decorative materials, you can use them single with flowers but also in combination with plants like Jasmine or Stephanotis they will look fantastic. I think they will also have a nice effect in combination with candles.

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