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Flower/plant arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The boundaries between plant or flower arrangements are fading. Same as the differences between men and women… these are fading as well. That is why I created a plant arrangement with a clear role for cut flowers in the design.

Step 1

Cut a piece of ribbon and glue this around the neck of a test tube.

Step 2

Wind a wide strip of gold coloured aluminium wire around it as a decorative accent.

Step 3

Fill a glass bowl with a wide opening with soil.

Step 4

Plant the succulents irregularly in the bowl, so sometimes in groups and sometimes single.

Step 5

Pay special attention to the sides of the bowls while these parts will be clearly visible.

Step 6

Stick the glass test tubes in-between the plant in the soil and fill them with water that is enriched with flower food.

Step 7

Place the flowers in layers in the arrangement. Start with the larger soft colored calla lily’s and add a layer of chocolate cosmea’s.

Step 8

The eye-catching Gloriosa flowers add a nice colour and shape touch to the design.


If you are looking for a more distinct Christmas look you can also add bubbles in between the plants. But keep in mind that you use feminine shapes in dark colours and masculine shapes in soft colours.

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