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Flower head decoration

Updated: May 27, 2019

Large flowery head wreath fit in perfectly in a bohemian mood. To create this mood a rich variety of materials in stylish colours with a natural twist are essential.

Step 1

Cut all flower stems short and put each individual material on a stub wire.

Step 2

Wrap Caoutchoek around each stem. This prevents the evaporation of water and stops the wire s from shifting when you put the wreath together.

Step 3

Measure the with of the head of the person that needs to wear the wreath.

Step 4

Transfer this measurement to one thick wire or a bundling of thinner wires.

Step 5

Wrap this “core” wire in caoutchoek and create a circle/wreath shape.

Step 6

Take a wired flower and twist the wire around the core wire, do the same with grasses and green material.

Step 7

Twist all the wires in the same direction to guarantee a strong and solid construction; this will also result in a final core that is slim and neat looking.

Step 8

Variate with flower sizes and length when you process the flower in to the wreath. A loose and unconstrained effect will appear when you alternate grasses and greens with flowers.

Step 9

Cover the inside of the wreath with a matching colour ribbon, be very precise with sharp wire edges or other sharp material that can hurt the person who wears the wreath.


This rich and lush head decoration fits perfectly in a Mediterranean mood or other sunny outdoor locations.

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