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Flower & plant arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Colours, materials and patterns that are to be seen in this trend can be found in all the international interior magazines. The question for me is always…. How can I translate this to floral design? The trend Reassemble for me means to put materials together in another order to create a new look, form feeling. In a whole sale centre in Holland I came across the black graphically shaped frame. I adjusted the colour here and there, cut away a few segments to gain space for vases and pots and I transformed this modern candle holder in a flower/plants object or furniture piece.

Step 1

I selected plants that look as if they are put together. The Guzmania flowers looks as if it has been assembled from coloured straw pieces. The same goes for the orchid I used.

Step 2

Single flowers are added in an airy and natural way to show the individual beauty of each material.

Step 3

The tower form/shape add to the element of stacking and layering that is one of the key elements of this trend.


The overall presentation or display needs to be playful with a usage of patterns and vivid colours. Diagonal lines are combined with circles and graphical patterns. The beige  and natural tones bring balance and unity to the total colour combination.

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