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Peach colored frame bouquet

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This frame bouquet will satisfy the tastes of many with its approachable appearance.

Step 1

Create a circular shape from a willow branch; use paper wire to tie the ends together.

Step 2

Create an intertwined web of additional branches over the interior of the ring. Add some density with finer branches; it should be possible to stick flowers into the web. Paper yarn with an iron core can be used to fasten the interconnected branches.

Step 3

Attach 4 or 5 stems to the spherical construction and take the ends together in one hand. These will function as a handle of the frame.

Step 4

Cautiously place the Ceropegia tendrils over and around the frame. Since the Ceropegia have to be connected to the water in the vase, make sure the ends of the tendrils are placed alongside the stem of the bouquet.


From the centre towards the edges, this bouquet exhibits a gradual decline in flower density. This can be achieved by selecting round compact flowers for the centre, and slender flowers for the outsides.

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