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Advent arrangement in copper colors

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A colour that is clearly present this year during the Christmas period is copper. Combined with lots of white and a little soft pink, champagne, it obtains a more modern radiation. The combination used by us is more rustic and therefore also of a somewhat more classic atmosphere because of the many natural tints. By varying within a colour selection, one can reach various target groups.

Step 1

Attach a number of foam blocks to each other by using horticulturist’s tape. See to it that a quadrangular column is shaped which can be attached to the underground by means of skewers. By processing the foam dry you prevent damage to the untreated wooden underground.

Step 2

Coat the foam fully with sods of moss. With a few large staples the moss is easily fixed.

Step 3

Stick some thick, sharpened threads in the lower side of the candles so that they can be firmly affixed to the foam. Attach the coloured dates with staples to the base form as well. By processing the stems upwards the whole construction becomes less massive and obtains a somewhat natural radiation.

Step 4

Glue some Christmas tree decoration with a glue pistol between the candles and along the upper side of the base form.

Step 5

Divide the artichokes along the arrangement; for a proper balance it is nicer to process the large shapes more at the basis of the decoration piece. The artificial flowers provide the whole arrangement with a nice, luxurious and contemporary accent.

Step 6

The materials used so far can be kept during the complete Advent period. In order to still add a flowery touch, some Cymbidium flowers in small test tubes are added.


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