Black calla lily bridal bouquet

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The dark, almost black Calla lilies are always a very stand out addition. In this combination, it adds luxury, as well as a lot of dramatic elements and a pinch of mystique. The soft cream and lilac tints ensure that the finished product does not end up having too sober a feeling to it.

Step 1

Make small funnel shapes out of 1-2 Galax leaves. Stick a wire through the bottom part and move it through a couple of centimeters. Bend the short and long wire to the bottom, parallel to the leaves’ stem. Wrap the long end of the wire around both the stem and the short end of the wire.

Step 2

Remove the leaves and thorns from the roses.

Step 3

Start off with a rose and put a lilac branch and a couple of Galax leaf ‘funnels’ sideways against it. The top of the materials can still differ in height a little bit. Put a Calla lily against this bundle of materials; this Calla lily can clearly stick out above the already used materials.

Step 4

Continue adding different flowers and leaf materials evenly.

Step 5

It is important that the pointy end of the Calla lily points to the outside of the bouquet. This creates an even and calm image.

Step 6

Create a compact, semicircular ball shape that is evenly shaped and in which the flowers on the bottom are inserted as horizontally as possible.

Step 7

Bind the stems tightly together to form a parallel bundle that is as compact as possible.

Step 8

Finish the bottom using Galax leaves. Insert them in such a way that the top of the leaf is visible. Cut all the stems at one length and bind off again using paper wire that has iron wire on the inside.

Step 9

Wrap the entire stem with caoutchouc, starting from the bottom end. The stickiness of the surface of the tape makes sure that the ribbon that will be added later will not budge.

Step 10

Then, wrap the entire stem with a piece of ribbon that, color wise, matches the color composition of the bouquet. Start at the bottom and wrap the stem with even strokes until there is no more tape visible. Attach at the top using a couple of pins.


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