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Bohemian bridal bouquet

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

he contemporary trend for bridal bouquets is mainly based on hand bounds; this enables the maker with possibilities to realise a loose and easy style within a shorter period of time. The blend of materials and colours is found in the common mixed bouquets as well.

Step 1

Remove all leave material and thornes from the flowers and sort the materials by type for a clear overview.

Step 2

Create a flower bundle with different height levels in between the included flowers.

Step 3

Extend the bundle by randomly assigning materials over the edges. Let nonchalance be your guide; the flowers do not have to be distributed over the bouquet in an organised manner.

Step 4

At the last add elegant and jumpy materials to emphasize the nonchalance of the arrangement. Lage flowers should be distributed near the core of the bouquet.

Step 5

Bind the stems together and cover these in a ribbon corresponding to the feeling and colours of the bouquet.


The natural mixture of flowers and colours brings a romantic yet laid-back appearance in the bouquet, corresponding to the current image of time.

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