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Flower arrangement in autumn colors

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

There’s nothing more important than an eye catching colour combination. For this arrangement warm, rich colours are put together to result in a slightly mysterious combination.

Step 1

Let floral foam soak in water that is enriched with flowerfood. Fill up the container compleatly with this flower foam.

Step 2

Make with vines 4 rings, 2 with the same diameter as the opening of the pot and 2 in 2 larger sizes.

Step 3

Put Some vines straight up into the floral foam. First attach the two smallest rings on the standing parts. Keep enough space between these two rings.

Step 4

Attach the next big ring on the upright vines and finally the largest ring. Because of the usage of several sized rings a funnel shape will be created.

Step 5

Fill the funnel shape with the selected flowers. Use them approximately on one level but keep small level differences. This makes the whole less static and more exciting to look at.

Step 6

Finally place the striking flowers and colors, so you're sure these are distributed correctly over the arrangement.

Step 7

Because there is no foliage used at the bottom of the arrangement an airy almost floating effect is created. The hold on to this effect the floral foam is covered with a material that is already used in the arrangement… namely the vines.


Combining this arrangement with warm luxurious materials and the rich look is enhanced enormously.

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