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Arrangement with summer flowers

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Every simple or even boring material can be altered and changed into an interesting detail by adding small changes or new details. In this design Geertje will show you that basic Latex can generate stunning effect when you combine it with the dried stem of sunflowers.

Step 1

Dip a few of the dried stem that are cut on a pre-determined length in a pot of latex paint. A nice design feature is when the paint will drip a bit along the side of the dried stem.

Step 2

Add double sided tape to the in and outside of your glass dish.

Step 3

Attached the dried stem along the side of the glass dish by pressing them against the double-sided tape. Variegate with stem that have paint on them and the ones that have no paint on them.

Step 4

Use a glue gun to add more stems. This will result in a thicker rim of stem

Step 5

Add stems by using the glue gun on the inside as well as on the outside of your dish.

Step 6

Fill the container with water that is enriched with flower food. Keep at least one cm. of the bottom of the glass dish visible for an airy and floating effect.

Step 7

With the hollow stems you’ve now created small compartments in which you can insert your flowers.

Step 8

Divide all the flowers in a loose and airy but also natural way. Keep it as transparent as possible.

Step 9

When you look from above it is Cleary visible that you are in fact creating a wreath shape.


The turquoise colour gives a nice summery touch to the arrangement. It is a colour that is not available in flowers but with this technique you’re able to add it to your color combination. Also try this technique in a different seasons and different colors.

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