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Hand tied bouquet spring flowers

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The beauty of nature comes in different forms and shapes. By adding one beautiful shell to this bouquet I wanted to show how gorgeous natural materials can be.

Step 1

Take 3 stub wires and wind coloured wire around it. Form a hook shape at one end of the stub wire. Create 3 of these wires.

Step 2

Slit the hooks of the wires at 3 positions around the rim of the shell. Bent the wires so you can create one centre stem.

Step 3

Before staring to bind your bouquet, make sure that all the stem are cleaned and all unwanted green is removed. Also make sure that your flowers have been in a vase with water for a few hours that is enriched with Chrysal, flower food. Here by ensuring a long lasting bouquet.

Step 4

Add the shell to the base of greens and foliage.

Step 5

Add the different flowers to this base and make sure that they now and then are placed over the edge of the shell. This will united the shell more with the floral materials.

Step 6

Keep it lose and natural for a lush effect.

Step 7

As you can see there are no leaves in or below my focal point, if this would have been the case they would have been in the water and there for creating more growth of bacteria.

Step 8

Add flower food to your vase and stir until the solution is dissolved.


Our respect for nature becomes more import for us human beings, and we are all more and more aware of the fact that we rely on nature for our future. Let's cherish and keep it and show respect for the materials that we use.

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