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Modern Christmas wreath

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

When I selected the materials for this wreath I paid special attention to the relation between flower shape and its colour. The softer shaped flowers are used in a darker more masculine colour while the larger harder more masculine flowers are used in a softer more feminine colour. The square gift boxes with there hard shape contrast again nicely with the round form of the wreath.

Step 1

I had these fabric covered boxes that are very useable in an arrangement, I’ve cut of the lit.

Step 2

And lined it with plastic before filling it with floral foam.

Step 3

A wooden plateau functions as base for the wreath. The boxes are placed irregularly in a wreath shape on the plateau. The overall filling will be simple, clear shaped and not too mixed. The maximum amount of varieties in one box will be 2 types of materials.

Step 4

The colored Eucalyptus combines nicely with the colour of the plateau and there for creating a nice harmony between base and arrangement.

Step 5

The gold colored branches give a nice Christmas touch to it.

Step 6

The blue/green colour of the poppy seed heads got an extra accent with the gold spray-paint colored tops.

Step 7

Make sure that no floral foam is visible, materials as moss are useful to cover the last small gaps.


By adding small glass tea light holders to the arrangement a very festive effect will be created a real show piece on your dining table!

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