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Single rose wiring bridal bouquet

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Stunning bridal bouquet executed with refined techniques.

Step 1

Wrap small strips of wood veneer around a styrophoam ring and attach these with some pins.

Step 2

Stick 4 robust wires in the ring and twist these together. This bundle is the foundation of the bouquet’s handle.

Step 3

Carefully remove the flower leaves from the roses; mind that the roses sustain no bruises or these will be plainly visible as thin brown strips at the end of the leaves after a few hours.

Step 4

Place one rose on a wire and wrap caoutchouc around it.

Step 5

Stack 2 or 3 flower leaves and delicately stick a thin corsage wire through these. Hereafter bend the wire and twist it together.

Step 6

Repeat the former step until a sufficient amount of these stacks is created to comprise a lushious rose.

Step 7

Place the flower-leave stacks under the sole rose and wrap the wire around the stem.

Step 8

Repeat the former step until all stacks are included. Make sure the wires are all wrapped in the same direction around the stem. This will result in a pretty lean stem which is more robust than it appears to.

Step 9

Shove the large flower through the styrophoam ring and attach the two by twisting the wires together. Again mind that the direction of rotation is uniform for both wires.

Step 10

Stick some Hydrangea stems to the bottom of the bouquet as a finishing touch.

Step 11

As a final step wrap caoutchouc around the stem and cover this with a befitting colour of ribbon.


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