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A colorful vase arrangement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

By adding humour to your design you will create added value. For this bouquet the vase was leading, the face that is made on the neck of the vase gave me the idea to create an over the top hair do. As if a largo afro wig is placed on top of it.

Step 1

To realise a loose and fluffy effect you will also need to to select loose and fluffy materials. Gypsophilla is the ultimate fluff in a bouquet, old-fashioned, maybe tacky but there for ideal for an unusual combination.

Step 2

Use no leaves or fillers just used the voluminous effect of the Gypsophilla to create volume.

Step 3

Create a round ball shaped bouquet with a wide variety of colours and flower shapes.

Step 4

Place the dome shaped arrangement in your vase that is cleaned, filled with water that is enriched with Chrysal flower food.

Step 5

Use large seasonal flowers like dahlia’s to make a good connection between vase an bouquet.

Step 6

Make sure that the flower connect with the vase and gradually grow u to words the bouquet.

Step 7

Try to cover all the stems so a very colourful and rich effect will arise.


Eye-catching, lively and a vivid look that matches perfectly with the current fashion trends that can be seen in Paris.

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