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Flowering bulb decoration

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

A personal selection of pots filled with bulbs will instantly add a touch of spring to your house, just add a few decorative elements to make the composition extra special.

Step 1

Make a selection of pots make it your own personal selection. You can also have a mix of old containers, ceramic and glass, this will give the total composition a more personal look.

Step 2

Cut strips out of a roll f felt, I’ve a fairly neutral colour scheme because I wanted to create a fresh and crisp effect.

Step 3

Take the bulbs out of their plastic containers and plant them in your selection of pots. Try to fill the pots as lush as possible with a lot of bulbs.

Step 4

Around a few of the pots I want to add a rim of felt, you can glue this to the container or use a colored wire. To prevent it from slipping you cab secure the wire with a piece of floral tape.

Step 5

You create different identities amongst the pots when youyou’re your felt in different ways. In between the layers of felt I have placed a few branches of blueberry, this gives a nice color contrast but can also add a bit of support to the bulbs when they grow.

Step 6

On other variation could be to add pussy willow.

Step 7

Cover the soil with moss or colored gravel, work clean and neat. That will only add to the value of the arrangement you created.


Present the collection of pots in combination of a decorative trunk. Place it all on a presentation board to emphasize the total composition. Try to use this type of presentations also in your shop, you can sell them individual, but you also show how it looks like in a larger group.

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