It's all about Bouquets

Bouquet Tales is a new initiative that will bring together a diverse community of European florists. The aim is to empower you and other Floral Changemakers who are passionate about making a difference in their local market by creating their own style in bouquets.

Bouquet of the week

As a florist you should never underestimate the power of your bouquets. People can resist anything apart from a great bouquet. Floristry: it's all about the impact of mixing flowers, shapes and colours. Working with 6 different key players in your range will give you the opportunity to create a wide variety of bouquets in your own style, each and every season. Bouquet Tales is delighted to present 5 special products with character: Chrysanthemum, Calla, Hydrangea, Anthurium and Avalanche+ Roses.


Step by step

Add some texture

think smooth or rugged
When every element in a bouquet is well combined it becomes an eye catcher. want to know how this work’s? watch Joe en Joan’s explanation.
Attract with contrast

opposite attracts
Instant effect or impact, go for a contrast in your bouquet combination. one of the quickest way to make your bouquet stand out.
Play with shapes

ever thought of the effect of forms?
Put more depth in your bouquets by combining the right shapes, want to know more watch Joan’s explanation.
Work with moods

Create the right feeling
How can you quickly and easily create a mood that matches the occasion, Joe will tell you more about this topic.
Loose and Fluffy

Energetic Yellow
The elegant pointed shape creates a new look and feel. An inspiring variation on a classic multi-flowered bouquet.

Joyful and Surprising
This bouquet will bring a smile to anyone’s face.
As a combination it makes a real splash, showing that modern, contemporary bouquets can also be joyful and surprising.

Rugged and robust
Clear sturdy forms combined with a strong colour contrast create a look that could appeal to your male customers.

Parallel Pilar
A romantic and natural looking bundled bouquet. This long pillar shaped bouquet could be a substitute for the well known rounder shapes.

Classic Contemporary
Classic, romantic bouquets can be contemporary too! By not choosing the well-known biedermeier shape, a more modern image arises.

Every flower’s visible
This vivid bouquet is created in different layers and really got some power! This style is adaptable to many combinations of flowers and colours. Start making a difference, let's work wit layers.

The Designers

French floral designer Gil Boyard shares his tips about using colours in a bouquet. A simple tip, with a huge effect. Let’s hear what Gil has to share with you.
It’s all about the structure explains Geertje Stienstra. Find out what her trademark is!
It does not happen in the store. Floral designer Clair Cowling knows where to get the inspiration for #nomoreboring bouquets.
This tip of floral designer Annick Mertens really teases the senses. Feel the passion for #nomoreboring bouquets.
See how floral designer Joan Stam created this oh so populair bouquet. Over a 100.000 florists worldwide liked or shared this bouquet on our Facebook page. Find out what the secret is!
Beautiful to see where floral designer Heidi Lawley gets her inspiration from. A smart way to get inspired yourself.
Floral designer Joseph Massie wraps it up! Even this mini bouquet is a surprise, that really could make a difference in your store as well. Are you up for the challenge? Joseph shares his thoughts with you.


Bouquet Tales

‘Bouquet tales’ wants to encourage florists to become the absolute best version of themselves in creating amazing bouquets, and to become the ‘destination’ for bouquets in their area. Why be boring? It doesn't help you and it certainly doesn't help your customers. Be bolder in your design choices for your bouquets. Let's boost your creativity ....and your business too.



 Key Players

Floristry and bouquets; it's all about the impact of mixing flowers, shapes and colours. Working with Avalanche+ roses, Anthurium, Calla, Chrysanthemum and Hydrangea as different key players in your assortment, will give you the opportunity to create a great variety of bouquets in your own style, each and every season.

Simply Calla

Simply Bouquets
It is particularly the stylish shape that makes the calla unique. Callas come in the loveliest soft contemporary shades and the flowers radiate simplicity and calm. That is why this elegant flower can be combined with other remarkable flowers every season. The unusual shape of the calla creates a lovely contrast and brings the requisite excitement to any bouquet. The range of callas on offer has long extended beyond white and yellow tones. Nowadays there are magnificent varieties in a multiplicity of colours, from dark purple to soft pink flowers, and from warm orange to hip black.


alluring addition to your assortment
An alluring addition to your range, anthuriums are pure, elegant, intriguing and extremely versatile. They fit in any interior scheme - be it modern, minimalist, classic, contemporary or just plain idiosyncratic! But best of all is the fact that anthuriums last a long time, which makes them equally good for impulse buys, for arrangements, or for corporate and hotel work where you need long life. All things considered, anthuriums make a gorgeous and alluring addition to your range.

Avalanche +

The beauty of a rose dream
‘A rose is a rose is a rose’, according to the famous quotation. Not in the case of Avalanche+, one of the most beautiful roses in the world. This big, strong and long cut flower offers quality; there are good reasons why it’s a star attraction at coronations, royal weddings and award shows. The sheer luxury of the Avalanche+ rose combines well with other flowers in rich mixed bouquets. Bouquets to give to yourself or for someone else!

Just chrysanthemum

Playful and energetic
Playful and energetic spray and disbud chrysanthemums and Santini are the leading ladies in bouquets for every season. Mixing different varieties of chrysanthemum gives a lively look, thanks to the many exciting flower shapes. Chrysanthemum colours are both fresh and warm, to match the season. At one end of the spectrum you’ll find cool white and fresh green, while the other end is already rocking summer with lots of yellow verging towards orange, finishing with pink going on purple.


grande dame among the cutflowers
The stylish cut hydrangea has long been used as part of a beautiful bouquet. It often features in fabulous floral work. No wonder, since the use of hydrangeas always guarantees a splendid product. Its enormous flower head packed with small colourful flowers lights up every space. They also make a wonderful gift: your customers will certainly not be arriving empty-handed! Dare to experiment. This is an inspiring flower, which is available in fresh colours such as white, green, pink, blue and purple.